AIMS Games Opening Ceremony 2019

AIMS Games Opening Ceremony helps to set the tone for New Zealand’s largest School sporting competition.

The Brief

This event has two back-to-back shows that bring context to the week ahead, provide information and entertain with live performances from Kiwi artist through dance and music.

This production is one of Bay Audio Visual’s largest events to date, incorporating large format PA system, LED, overhead flown lighting system, and staging to cater for up to 50 pax on stage with revolving changes from Mc to dance and musical acts.

Some key focus points of the brief are as follows;

  1. Provide a high quality performance stage to allow a number of different acts to perform (dance, speech, music and Mc)

  2. Create a captivating space that changes each year to draw attention to the performance stage

  3. Use space to allow for max capacity per show

  4. Provide a schedule that can be run with back-to-back shows

  5. Capture the event for livestream and record for playback.

  6. Provide custom graphics to suit LED

  7. Provide operating crew both onstage and FOH

Services Provided

  • Audio – Large format PA system

  • Lighting – Room wash with Effects lighting

  • Visual – LED Backdrop for Ambient visuals and content (static and video)

  • Livestream – End to end Livestream service

  • Show Caller – A client rep keeping the show on time and to schedule

  • Technical Operators – SX, AV, Livestream, Show called, LX, Camera Operators and Stage manager

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