Tauranga Gala Dinner

The Tauranga Gala Dinner is an evening of entertainment with the main focus being a guest of honour.

The Brief

This event has an Mc who does 3 sessions of Q&A with the guest. The theme is suited to the style of guest but holds a classic gala dinner feel. Bay Audio Visual's main goal in the brief is to bring the audience as close to the guest as possible, be it through digital platform or stage positioning in the room. The visual element of this event is important to make sure the room feels engaged with the entertainment on stage.

Some key focus points of the brief are as follows;

  1. Great use of Visual displays

  2. Great sight lines for all viewers

  3. Dynamic lighting for the range of entertainment on stage

  4. Good camera quality and record

Services Provided

  • Audio – Large format PA system

  • Lighting – Room wash with Effects lighting

  • Visual – LED Backdrop for Ambient visuals and content (static and video)

  • Show Caller – A client rep keeping the show on time and to schedule

  • Technical Operators – SX, AV, Livestream, Show called, LX, Camera Operators and Stage manager

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